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So inspiring, Rebecca! Thank you!!!

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Sorta thinking "Madonna in a Fur Coat" falls into the envelope structure of the narrator who discovers the past of the actual protagonist through this diary. And that ending in which a discovery in the present reframes an entire lifetime. I'm not sure if that fits here or will in Part III, but there is no example I know of as more powerful than the ending of Maupassant's "The Necklace" when (spoiler alert) Mathilde Loisel finds out she's lived in drudgery for 10 years over fake jewels that were worth "500 francs, at most!"

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Oh, John Irving. He says that without exception, he begins every novel knowing the last sentence. And the sentence never changes. Then he starts at the beginning and works towards that. Can you imagine? Is that a little bit psychic?

I just subscribed dear RM, and wonder when you have the time to write these entries. Thank you. Thank you. The end.

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